What we do?

We help e-com players achieve their goals within the defined limits and scale it to a significant level. With our team of experienced people we have been able to deliver significant results which have met their marketing goals upto certain defined lines. Our pool of services includes:

  • Performance Marketing
    we are working with almost all the leading e-com players and have been delivering good results with the help of our vast experience. We help marketers as well as network partners deliver results on CPA, CPC, CPS models. Please refer case study
  • Media Buy

    Facebook Advertising: facebook nowadays have become the integral part of everyone’s life and it is great platform (infact a tool) to tap potential users online. Facebook’s massive reach with micro targeting function you can reach your potential user with ease and at very minimal cost. With our expertise in Facebook marketing we have been able to deliver results to our clients. Please refer case study. (Power of FB We do FB marketing on below models:

    • - CPC
    • - Pay per Like
    • - CPA

    • Contextual Advertising: with the evolution of technology contextual advertising has proved to be one of the highest delivering advertising models for advertisers. We can target the set of keywords and bring you the users of highest potential for your products. Please refer case study.
    • Display Advertising (CPM, CPC, Pop up/Pop Under): whether you are looking to buy cheap media in bulk or for the branding purpose we can deliver you results in a very cost effective manner.
    • Native Advertising: Native advertising is a form of online advertising that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears. The word "native" refers to the content's coherence with other media on the platform. Please refer the link for more information []. Native advertising has proved to give better results (as compared with other forms of ads) due to the inherited factor which is it is embedded with the content in such a manner that it does not seem to be out of the content and is more relevant with the content which is being read by the user. Our team of experience people can deliver results with the provided method on predefined matrices.
  • Real Time Bidding (RTB)

    RTB is the latest buzz in the market which has seemed to solve the problem of traditional media buying where the advertiser had to contact individual publishers one on one basis. With the help of RTB advertisers now can easily buy media on any of the websites in the world with unified RTB solutions. We have been delivering good results through our experience on RTB for various clients and maintaining various matrices such as CPC, bounce rate, time spent on the website etc. We have a dedicated and experienced team who are hands on with latest RTB technologies and are on top of the campaigns to deliver well with performance as focus in mind.Please refer case study.

  • Mobile Marketing

    Mobile has been growing at such a fast pace in the Indian digital marketing industry that it would not be wise to exclude this piece in your marketing strategy and in-fact becomes highly essential to include this piece. On mobile we are working on below models with our clients.

    • Pay per Install: you will be paying only when there is a successful install and don’t have to pay for impressions or clicks.
    • Pay per in app engagement: if you have any predefined action within the APP that you want to pay for we can target that.
    • CPC/CPM: if you are looking to branding or sending traffic to your mobile site or APP we can customize the mobile marketing plan for you.
    • Pay per Lead: you will pay only whenever there is any action that is filling out a form or subscribing for any service etc.
  • Web Designing & Web Development

    we have experience team of people who are well versed with the latest web technologies and can provide the tailor made solution as per your requirements. We specialize in:

    • Responsive Web Designing and development
    • Web development in PHP

    Please see some of our latest web projects: